What kind of fabric is suede? What are the fabrics of suede?


Suede refers to the surface of velvet, and refers to th […]

Suede refers to the surface of velvet, and refers to the fabric of velvet. Velvet refers to the raised silk fabric made of mulberry silk or mulberry silk and chemical fiber filaments. The surface of velvet has tight piles or piles that stand up or are arranged in a row. The color is bright and bright, and the appearance is similar to velvet, so it is usually called velvet.
This is a high-grade silk fabric, suitable for making clothing, curtains, curtains, decoration and arts and crafts supplies. It has a long history in China. The Western Han Dynasty velvet brocade unearthed in Mawangdui, Changsha, Hunan, shows that jacquard machines and raising rods were used to weave velvet fabrics at that time. Since then, there have been productions in the past dynasties, especially in the Ming Dynasty.
According to the weaving method, the velvet is divided into:
1. Double-layer warp pile fabric. Such as Qiao Qirong.
2. Double-layer weft pile fabric, such as mandarin duck pile yarn.
3. Use the pile rod to make the pile warp into pile loops or pile fabrics, such as zhang velvet and zhang satin.
4. The velvet fabric, such as golden velvet, which cuts the floating warp or weft of the satin surface. According to different raw materials, it is divided into real velvet, velvet and interwoven velvet. According to different post-processing fabrics, it can be divided into plain velvet, printed velvet, burnt-out velvet, embossed velvet, striped velvet and colored warp velvet. The ground weave of all kinds of cashmere adopts plain weave, twill weave, satin weave and its change organization.