What kind of fabric is snowflake cotton


Snow cotton fabric is a kind of warp knitted fabric, wh […]

Snow cotton fabric is a kind of warp knitted fabric, which is a synthetic fiber made by wet spinning or dry spinning.
Snow cotton is also called snow fleece, which is a kind of fabric used in many clothes. Because snow cotton has the characteristics of softness, lightness, warmth, corrosion resistance, and light resistance, it is a short fiber that is very similar to wool.
Snow cotton has a lower density than wool and is called "artificial wool". Although snowflake cotton is more than 10% lighter than wool, its strength is more than twice that of wool. Snowflake cotton is not only free from mildew and moth-eaten, but it is also more resistant to sunlight than wool.
Snowflake cotton has better lightfastness, it can be exposed to the sun for a year, and its strength is only reduced by 20%. Snow cotton is also resistant to acids, oxidants and general organic solvents, but it has poor alkali resistance.
Snow cotton can be used for pure spinning, or it can be blended with wool to make woolen yarn and woolen fabrics. Wool made of snowflake cotton, such as light and soft bulky wool, has long been loved by people.



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