Acetate silk or silk which is better


The difference between acetate silk and real silk, whic […]

The difference between acetate silk and real silk, which one is better? In fact, the main difference between acetate silk and real silk is the difference in raw materials. It is precisely because of the difference in raw materials that the process flow, comfort, price and other aspects are different.
Acetic acid fabrics use natural wood pulp as raw materials, while real silk uses mulberry silk, cassava silk and other silk as raw materials for processing.
Because in the fabric market, acetate silk fabrics are mostly, so its production process is simple, and the price is relatively cheap; while the real silk fabrics have few fabrics and are expensive, in order to ensure that the fabrics play the greatest role, the production process will be very complicated .
Is acetate silk easy to wrinkle?  
Acetate silk is not easy to wrinkle nor hard, because its stability is very good, beyond ordinary fabrics, normal cleaning and care will not appear wrinkle phenomenon. Acetate silk is made by esterification reaction with acetic acid and cellulose as raw materials. This man-made fiber has good stability, not only is not easy to wrinkle, it is not easy to pilling and static electricity. In fact, the most easily wrinkled fabric is cotton cloth, which is easy to wrinkle after washing, and also easy to wrinkle when folded. Only by ironing frequently when wearing can maintain a good condition.


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