The difference between chenille fabric and corduroy fabric


The difference between Chenille fabric and corduroy fab […]

The difference between Chenille fabric and corduroy fabric:
1. Different production methods
The main raw material of corduroy is cotton, and some of it is blended with polyester, acrylic, spandex and other chemical fibers. It is a cotton fabric that cuts the weft and forms vertical piles on the surface because of its velvet. The strip is shaped like a rush core and is named corduroy. Chenille is a new type of fancy yarn, also called chenille, which is made of two strands of thread as the core thread and is made by sandwiching the feather yarn in a twisting manner.
2. Different usage scenarios
The corduroy fabric feels elastic and soft to the touch, the velvet is clear and round, the fabric is thicker and has good abrasion resistance and warmth retention, but it is easier to tear, especially the tear strength along the direction of the velvet is low. The corduroy fabric fabric It is usually used for autumn and winter outerwear, shoes and hats, and can also be made into handicrafts or toys; the use of chenille yarn gives the home textile fabric a thick feeling, and the chenille has a soft hand feel, plump suede and drape Good sex and other advantages, so Chenille products are usually used to make sofa covers, bedspreads, curtains and other interior decoration accessories.