What is the raw material of plush


What is the raw material of plush? It is a fur-like sta […]

What is the raw material of plush? It is a fur-like standing pile fabric with fluffy cloth surface, commonly known as "sea tiger velvet". The front is covered with dense wool fibers evenly, the suede is plump and smooth, full of fat, elasticity, and good warmth retention performance. The weight is 430-850 g/m2, and the pile height is generally between 3-20 mm. It is mainly used to make coats, linings, collars, winter hats, plush toys, as well as interior decoration and industrial use. The woven plush is made of three sets of yarns interlaced. Cotton yarn is used for ground warp and ground weft; worsted yarn or chemical fiber yarn is used for raised warp yarn. The two sets of cotton yarns of the ground warp and ground weft are interwoven with plain weaves to form the upper and lower base fabrics. The raised yarns are connected between the upper and lower base fabrics and are woven into a double-layered pile blank. The structure is shown in the figure. The double-layer pile blanks are cut by the cutting machine blade to form two long pile gray fabrics, and then the pile yarns are twisted and combed by the pile carding machine into fluffy single fibers, and the surface of the pile fibers is cut flat by the shearing machine. Serve as plain plush. Plain plush can also be processed by screen printing, steaming and fixing, scouring and desizing, dehydration and drying, etc., to produce printed plush with various animal skin patterns. It also uses the characteristics of different thicknesses, different cross-sections and different shrinkage properties of chemical fibers to add heat shrinkage, ironing or rolling, brushing and other processes in the finishing to make various types of animal skins that combine the lengths of coarse bristles and fine fluffs. Type or lambskin type plush.



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