How to sew seams on mesh fabrics


The method of seaming mesh fabric: It can be seamed by […]

The method of seaming mesh fabric: It can be seamed by darning and embroidery. Mesh yarn is very elastic, because most of the mesh yarn is made of polyester and other chemical fiber fabrics, and polyester also has good elasticity. Mesh fabric has good anti-wrinkle performance, and it is not easy to pilling after washing. Polyester mesh yarn has many advantages, such as solvent resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance.
The mesh yarn has good air permeability. The material of the mesh yarn is similar to lace. There will be small pores on the fabric, which naturally has good air permeability.
Each kind of net yarn will show different effects due to its different characteristics. When choosing, you must clarify your design needs and choose the right kind of net yarn. As an unconventional fabric, net yarn has some tips for its production and application:
1. Net yarn is a chemical fiber fabric, which is very easy to generate static electricity, so always keep a small spray bottle at hand, and lightly spray it from time to time to eliminate static electricity. Do not spray too much. (You can also put a few drops of softener to remove static electricity in the water)
2. Most of the mesh is not resistant to high temperature, so try to use steam to smoke and iron the folds, or use a low temperature area to iron carefully, it is best to use a cloth.
3. In order to prevent the dislocation of the net yarn during cutting, it is best to use a roller cutter, and a cutting pad that can be automatically demobilized is placed on the lower pad.
The material is spread on the rubber pad, and the paper pattern is covered on it. It is much more convenient to cut with a hob.
4. Thin and soft mesh yarn is easy to be misplaced and punctured when sewing. Sticking a transparent tape under the presser foot will prevent it from being jammed.
5. Put a edging cloth on the outside of the needle position between the mesh and the feeding teeth to give more support to the mesh, which can prevent the thin mesh from getting stuck in the pinholes or being scratched by the feeding teeth.
6. The net yarn structure will not fall apart, which makes the clothing edge traces made of net yarn do not have to bother to close the edges, just keep the original trim of the net yarn to show a good air texture.
7. When sewing net yarn by hand, choose thicker thread and hand needle.
8. In addition, when sewing mesh with the pleated presser foot, it is recommended that the stitches be larger than the normal pleated stitches, so that the multi-layer mesh fabric can be pleated at the same time, and the effect is great.
9. Regardless of hand stitch or machine stitching, it is recommended to use zigzag stitches with a large stitch length.
10. It is recommended to use a bead needle to smoothly fix the fabric to be sewn before sewing, so as to prevent uneven sewing caused by the elasticity of the mesh.