What is recycled cotton


What is recycled cotton? What is recycled cotton made o […]

What is recycled cotton? What is recycled cotton made of? Recycled cotton is made from waste cotton, industrial scraps, and the fabric and yarn ends of textile enterprises. In particular, the raw materials may also contain waste cotton for medical use. Therefore, recycled cotton will cause harm to human health. Cotton and civilian cotton placed together can easily cause pollution.
Good quality cotton wool is generally soft in color, white or milky white. The fibers are fluffy and uniform, and the hand feels soft and elastic. Recycled cotton from old cotton has an odor due to sulfur bleaching or washing with washing powder, while recycled cotton produced from clothing waste will have odors such as medicinal and musty odors. Regenerated cotton itself can be produced, but it can only be used for industrial and agricultural insulation such as greenhouses and greenhouses, and cannot be used in the daily life of ordinary people. If it is used for industrial and agricultural insulation, the black and white spots of recycled cotton do not matter at all. Recycled cotton is processed from fibrous industrial waste. It is harmful to the human body due to multiple processes such as chemical bleaching and dyeing. Therefore, the state does not allow it to be used in the cotton clothes and quilts of ordinary people or in places that directly touch the human body.