What kind of fabric is jade silk


What kind of fabric is jade silk? Identification of jad […]

What kind of fabric is jade silk? Identification of jade silk, the main components of jade silk are plant protein and cellulose, which is a kind of artificial fiber modified by plant protein. Its raw materials are all made from renewable green plants in nature. Environmentally friendly fiber, with the characteristics of green environmental protection.
Jade silk not only has the characteristics of softness and comfort, but also the clothes made of jade silk are bright in color, absorb sweat, and have smooth fabrics. When washing clothes made of jade silk, they should be washed with neutral detergent. Expose to the sun, hang it to dry naturally, and iron the clothes to 80% dry at medium temperature, which is the best for wrinkle removal. When ironing, the reverse side is facing up to keep the luster. Avoid spraying water to avoid water stains.
In comparison, jade silk is softer and more skin-friendly than Tencel fiber. The surface of Tencel fiber is uneven and has a slightly poor hand feel. However, jade silk is produced by continuous chemical industry. The surface of the fiber is smooth and the fiber The friction coefficient is small, and the hand feels soft and smooth.
Jade silk can also be blended with wool, cashmere or silk to make worsted fabrics, which are not only delicate but also smooth to the touch.