What does knitted denim mean?


Knitted denim is a kind of denim, but it is made of kni […]

Knitted denim is a kind of denim, but it is made of knitted denim with better elasticity than woven. Black, sulphur black and other knitted cheese yarns are produced by a special process on a circular knitting machine to produce garment fabrics with washing and fading effects. Its varieties mainly include small scale terry, large scale terry, thick and thin twill terry, convex twill terry, plain jersey and so on.
Physical Properties:
Better elasticity, softer feel than denim, comfortable to wear, this is the advantage of knitted denim. Because it is knitted weft knitting, the use of different functional fibers is a major advantage of knitted denim. In addition to conventional cotton, cotton-polyester, cotton-polyester spandex, the knitted denim produced by most companies also absorbs sweat, antibacterial and deodorant. , Anti-ultraviolet, heat preservation and other functional properties. You can achieve the desired style of clothing through washing, fading and discoloration.