The difference between silk cotton and tencel cotton


The difference between silk cotton and tencel cotton, w […]

The difference between silk cotton and tencel cotton, which is better? Tencel cotton is composed of lyocell fibers, which are extracted from natural plant fibers. Tencel cotton is more close to the skin, absorbs moisture, and conducts moisture. Silk cotton is hygroscopic but has poor moisture conductivity.
Silk cotton is a new type of polyester fiber.
The shell after the silkworm becomes a chrysalis is processed and drawn into a cocoon.
Tencel cotton is not pure cotton cloth, nor pure Tencel fabric, but a combination of Tencel and cotton. In other words, Tencel cotton fabric is a composite fabric of Tencel and cotton. It is a fabric made of Tencel and cotton. Briefly, the composition of Tencel cotton fabric has two forms: blended and interwoven.
There are countless kinds of blended Tencel cotton fabrics according to the ratio of the two. At present, the more common one is the ratio of 50/50. As for the spinning process and weaving method, it depends on the design needs. Interwoven Tencel cotton fabrics are also very rich, warp Tencel weft cotton or Tencel cotton blended yarn, warp cotton weft Tencel or Tencel cotton blended yarn, or Tencel interspersed with cotton yarn, interspersed in cotton yarn fabrics Tencel, wait.
The function of Tencel cotton fabric is summarized as comfortable, ecological, safe and pollution-free. It is a high-quality textile raw material, so it is very popular. Tencel cotton fabric is characterized by breathability and moisture absorption, not sultry, warm in winter and cool in summer. It has a more technological innovation concept than cotton, so the market prospect is very good. In addition, Tencel cotton can be used as both thin fabrics and heavy fabrics, with huge development potential.