The difference between Xinjiang long-staple cotton and Egyptian long-staple cotton


The difference between Xinjiang long-staple cotton and […]

The difference between Xinjiang long-staple cotton and Egyptian long-staple cotton, which one is better? Egyptian long-staple cotton ranks first in the country, and Xinjiang long-staple cotton ranks second. Because of the low output of Egyptian long-staple cotton, Xinjiang cotton is widely used.
In fact, the most important ability of Xinjiang long-staple cotton is to produce high-quality coarse canvas and stretch cotton. Similar to Levi’s, Lee brand, and evisu are the main customers. I started to study jeans more than ten years ago. Xinjiang cotton is second only. It is long-staple cotton in Egypt, but the output of Egyptian cotton is estimated to be not enough for CK to make underwear. All the big jeans and underwear brands in the world dare not say that they do not use Xinjiang cotton, especially Japanese cattle, Xinjiang cotton and antique weaving. Cloth machine is almost the standard configuration of thousand yuan jeans.
What is the reason for the high quality of Egyptian long-staple cotton?
The reason why Egyptian long-staple cotton is abundant is that the production of Egyptian long-staple cotton is very scarce. On the fertile soil of the Nile Delta, the output of Egyptian long-staple cotton accounts for only one thousandth of the world's total cotton output.
Egyptian long-staple cotton has a long growth cycle, resulting in insufficient production, but on the other hand, it also contributes to high quality. The reason is similar to rice cooked once a year in the northeast, rather than rice harvested twice or three times a year in the south. As a light-loving plant, the long growth cycle enables Egyptian long-staple cotton to absorb more nutrients.