The difference between Xinjiang long-staple cotton and Egyptian long-staple cotton(2)


1. Xinjiang long-staple cotton Xinjiang cotton is mainl […]

1. Xinjiang long-staple cotton
Xinjiang cotton is mainly divided into fine-staple cotton and long-staple cotton. The difference between the two is fineness and length; the length and fineness of long-staple cotton is definitely better than that of short-staple cotton. Due to the weather and the concentration of production areas, the color, length, foreign fiber and strength of Xinjiang cotton are better than those of other domestic production areas.
The fabric woven from Xinjiang cotton has good moisture absorption and air permeability, good gloss, high strength and few yarn defects. It is also a representative of the quality of household cotton fabrics. At the same time, Xinjiang cotton is used as a quilt fiber. Fluffy is good, so the warmth of the quilt is good.
2. Egyptian long-staple cotton
Egyptian cotton is divided into short-staple cotton and long-staple cotton. Generally speaking, it is long-staple cotton. Egyptian cotton is divided into many producing areas. Among them, the long-staple cotton from the Giza 45 production area is the best and has a small output. Egyptian long-staple cotton has better fiber length, fineness and maturity than Xinjiang cotton.
Egyptian long-staple cotton usually produces high-end fabrics, mainly spinning fabrics with 80 counts. The woven fabric has a silky luster. Due to the long fiber and good cohesion, the strength is also very good, and the moisture regain is high, so the dyeing performance is good, and the general price is more than 2,000 yuan.


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