How long can the xiangyun yarn be stored?


If you don’t wear xiangyun yarn, you can store it for a […]

If you don’t wear xiangyun yarn, you can store it for a long time, but if you wear it, you can take care of it. Normal clothes will not say you like it until you wear it. A few years is no problem.
The fabric of Xiangyunsha is a relatively expensive fabric. It would take a long time if he put it in a plastic bag. It will damage its quality and affect its appearance. Because plastic bags are not breathable. And this kind of fabric needs a breathable environment and is relatively dry.
How long will the fragrant cloud yarn be worn depends on the frequency and the degree of maintenance. Generally speaking, this kind of clothing can be worn for one to five years.
Xiangyun yarn usually does not shrink, but it may shrink when it is washed for the first time. There are many varieties of Xiangyun yarn. It is recommended to check the label of the clothes before washing. Because some varieties are not suitable for washing, it is recommended to check before washing. Soak in water for about ten minutes, and the soaking time should not be too long.