Customized tear resistance Polyester stretch YSB247/YSA247

Customized tear resistance Polyester stretch YSB247/YSA247

Location: Wujiang,China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: OEM & ODM
Certificate: CE,ISO9001
Terms of payment and delivery: within 45days on receipt of T/T 40% payment and balance before shipment
Minimum order quantity: 100pcs
Price: Consultation
Packing details: a pack of 10 bags wrapped by a stretch-film (in 3 layers). Each pack must be fixed by scotch, to prevent the falling apart of the pack.
Delivery time: 25days
Payment method: T/T. L/C is also acceptable.


Fabric features:

1. Moisture-proof. Bacteria cannot reproduce, and the fabric will not be mildewed.
2. Polyester fiber is prone to static electricity, so soak and clean with softener.
3. Constant size. The material of the fabric itself determines that it is not malleable, does not deform, and maintains its flatness for a long time.
4. Easy to clean. Can be placed in clean water to scrub.
5. Anti-tear. No need for reinforcement, natural tear resistance, significant wind resistance and withstand frequent use.

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