The difference between quick-drying fabric and polyester


The difference between quick-drying fabric and polyeste […]

The difference between quick-drying fabric and polyester, polyester is polyester fiber, it is called differently. Quick-drying fabrics do not specifically refer to any kind of fabric, but that this type of fabric has quick-drying properties.
The materials of polyester and quick-drying fabrics are the same, but after finishing: add water-repellent auxiliaries in the finishing process to form a lotus leaf effect on the surface of the textile, making it difficult for water droplets to adhere. In addition, some high-value fabrics use ultra-fine fibers (or micron fibers). The cross-section of this fiber is a triangular structure, which has better ventilation and air permeability than traditional round cross-section fibers, and is comfortable to wear and quick-drying.
In fact, more than 90% of quick-drying clothes are made of polyester, and some of them are made of nylon. In terms of wrinkle resistance, nylon is better, and the hand feel is relatively softer (in the case of the same type of yarn);
Quick-drying effect: There are two main aspects. One is that the yarn itself is a kind of quick-drying material, and the quick-drying effect will be better; the other is the fabric treated with a quick-drying agent, which is relatively poor. But the price is cheap, this type of product is available in most markets.