The difference between cheap and expensive Xiangyun yarn


Xiangyun yarn is made purely by hand, and the craftsman […]

Xiangyun yarn is made purely by hand, and the craftsmanship is extremely complicated. It requires outdoor sunning and river mud, and the output is extremely low. Therefore, there will be no too cheap Xiangyun yarn to appear.
In the past, Xiangyun yarn was used exclusively by nobles. Xiangyunsha has very few fabric factories and few garment factories. This is almost a monopoly. Only a few luxury brands do so, and high prices are inevitable. In recent years, due to the increasing popularity of Xiangyun yarn, many factories in Guangdong also produce Xiangyun yarn fabrics, and many cheap and ordinary clothing brands have emerged. Small brands of Xiangyun yarn that have just entered the market will definitely be cheaper.
The choice of xiangyun yarn also depends on the consumption power. You pay for what you pay for. You must be expensive. If you are not picky, it is correct to choose a moderate price.
Xiangyun yarn looks very close to the people, but in fact it is very picky. Most people can’t wear it. Few people are suitable for color and fewer people are suitable for style. Due to the difficulty of its own production process, it will be short-term. It is impossible to achieve a big breakthrough in color. In terms of style, I hope that the designer of Xiangyunsha can understand what dressing style is. Most Chinese women's styles emphasize waist waist, even if middle-aged women are not as good as the previous figure. Well, they shouldn't wear the common gowns in fragrant cloud yarn, which is a disaster for most Chinese women.


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