Why are high-end clothes all polyester fiber


In the past, polyester fiber clothing was considered a […]

In the past, polyester fiber clothing was considered a very cheap fabric due to poor ventilation, non-absorption, sultry heat and uncomfortable wearing. However, whether the fabric is comfortable is not necessarily related to its cost, and poorly processed cotton and wool may not be as good as high-quality. The polyester fiber is good, so simple raw materials cannot be used to judge the quality of the fabric.
Now, many well-known clothing can see the plasticity of polyester fiber, so that its softness, thickness, gloss and other texture can be customized according to the needs of designers. After some design innovations, polyester fiber is made Clothes can also be very high-end, so there are many high-end clothes made of polyester fibers on the market.
In our general concept, chemical fibers are very poor as textiles. It is hard and thorny and generates static electricity, because it does not absorb moisture, is not breathable, and is harmful to the skin. I believe that no one wants to wear clothes made of this fabric except for work clothes of a specific type of work.
However, in recent years, the varieties of chemical fibers have increased, and their properties have also undergone great changes. Some chemical fibers are very soft, skin-friendly, and have no static electricity at all. In addition, they can quickly get rid of water and are gradually being used more and more widely. With the advancement of textile technology, various non-natural fiber fabrics or blended fabrics have surpassed natural fiber fabrics in certain specific properties. It is no exaggeration to say that they have become irreplaceable.
Now, even baby underwear can use these non-natural fiber fabrics.