Silk cotton or pure cotton which is better


Which is better, silk cotton or pure cotton? What is th […]

Which is better, silk cotton or pure cotton? What is the difference between silk cotton and pure cotton? The raw materials are different: silk floss is a kind of flock and quilt material made of silk, which is processed from the messy silk on the surface of the cocoon; pure cotton fabric is made of cotton. made textiles.
The material characteristics are different: the silk soft cotton material is more breathable and light, the surface is relatively smooth, and has a certain thermal insulation effect; pure cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance and hygiene, but it is easy to produce Wrinkle, shrinkage, deformation and other phenomena.
Different prices: silk floss contains silk, the higher the silk content, the higher the price; the cost of pure cotton material is relatively low.
When choosing a material, you can choose the material that is more suitable for you from the characteristics and price of the material, according to your own needs. Clothes or quilts made of silk soft cotton and pure cotton, in the later cleaning process, you need to choose machine washing, hand washing or dry cleaning according to your own requirements on the material. After cleaning, store in a cool, dry cabinet.