The difference between satin and silk


The difference between silk satin and silk, which is be […]

The difference between silk satin and silk, which is better? The main differences are: different raw materials, different characteristics and different prices. The raw material of silk satin is usually pure cotton fiber, while the raw material of silk is silk; in terms of characteristics, silk satin is more delicate and textured, and it is very refreshing and breathable. It has high gloss, while silk is characterized by very softness. Skin-friendly, very comfortable and breathable. The price of silk satin is generally not as expensive as silk, but it is better to take care of.
Which is better, satin or silk?
If the price is natural silk is better, but it depends on whether the clothes are coats, underwear or other types. For example, close-fitting underwear is generally silk, but if it is a coat, it is not easy to take care of, so the coat is generally If silk is not used, although this kind of fabric is very expensive, it is not good for any clothes to use it as a fabric.
What are satin and silk fabrics?
Silk satin is a new type of fabric, which is between silk and pure cotton. Pure cotton fibers are used as raw materials, but the finished product and chiffon are a bit tied, very shiny and delicate, but it is not silk. Real silk is made of silk. It must be distinguished from imitation silk. There are many kinds, and it is very noble in furniture and clothing.