Which is better, three-proof fabric or technical fabric sofa


Which one is better, three-proof fabric or technical fa […]

Which one is better, three-proof fabric or technical fabric sofa? Tech cloth sofas combine the advantages of leather sofas and cloth sofas. Many leather sofas are designed with leather in places such as cushions and armrests that are easy to be dirty but not easy to disassemble, while other places that are in contact with the body are made of fabric. Made, soft and comfortable, with very good skin-friendly performance! The fabric of the technical cloth sofa can have a variety of fabric selection measures, you can choose a variety of flannel, you can also choose linen or cotton linen, and then show different Art style and visual effects.
A complete set of technical cloth sofa is placed at home, which has the high-grade of leather sofa without losing the warmth of cloth sofa. However, in the same class of sofas, the price of technical cloth sofas will be slightly higher than that of traditional cloth sofas. The most important thing is that it is inconvenient to disassemble and assemble, and it feels more cumbersome.
The selection of sofas must be considered comprehensively. The first step is to sit comfortably, and then the fabric must be more durable. The most important thing is to match the interior decoration style, which is not easy to harm the overall function.
The three-proof cloth is PVC-coated fiberglass cloth. The three-proof cloth is a refractory fiber surface layer dipped in pvc, ptfe, flame-retardant silica gel and other fire-resistant insulation materials, making it fire-proof, waterproof and mildew-proof.
In general, the sofa made of three-proof cloth is still very good. Its waterproof, sunscreen, and mildew resistance are all better, and this type of cloth will be more durable.