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China Jiangsu Network, July 3, South Communications (Re […]

China Jiangsu Network, July 3, South Communications (Reporter Cao Min, Li Zhihua) "All sold out, probably shipped on the 15th." On the evening of July 1, Liu Tao, the "Liu Yidao" chief optimization officer, was in the live broadcast room. , For the three home textile products of Nantong's violet home textile hyaluronic acid gel pillow, where decorated sunscreen caps, and Luolai silk summer quilt, the live broadcast of the goods reached the company's usual 2 months of sales in just 1 minute. The live broadcast traffic exceeded 8.6 million person-times that night, attracting nearly 500,000 new customers, and the turnover increased by 150 times compared with daily.

Business is stable and determined to go far. Nantong high-end textile enterprises use the keen sense of the market to connect the industry chain with e-commerce live broadcast, and explore the new sales model of "network master + live broadcast + e-commerce". Since June, more than 1,000 home textile companies in Nantong have joined the live-streaming and goods-carrying camp. With the help of popular network experts, sales have exceeded 500 million.

"Work hard to achieve your dreams." On July 3, Xu Huimin, Secretary of the Nantong Municipal Party Committee, said at the Nantong International High-end Textile Industry Expo in China that Nantong will make every effort to break through bottleneck constraints and adverse effects, and unswervingly promote the innovation and development of the textile industry and make it bigger and stronger. To ensure that by 2025, the output value of the high-end textile industry will exceed 300 billion yuan, build a world-class textile industry advanced zone, and become a global leader in the high-end textile industry.

The Expo is online and offline synchronized, physical and virtual interaction. At the scene, representatives of nearly a thousand textile backbone enterprises gathered together, and nearly 20 high-end textile industry projects were signed with a total investment of 33.5 billion yuan. In the cloud, more than 400 textile benchmarking companies from 14 countries and regions around the world opened showrooms. Formed the "All-Star Lineup" of the textile industry chain. The Expo also used modern information technology such as 5G, VR, AR, and cloud data to invite internationally renowned enterprises and domestic dominant brands to jointly build a high-end textile "cloud exhibition hall." Exhibits related to international home textiles and accessories, high-end textile machinery, home textiles and clothing automatic sewing equipment and other categories, cascading the entire textile industry chain. The online exhibition hall will be displayed 24 hours a day, 365 days a day, and can be used as a daily trading platform. The cloud exhibition hall is divided into three series: "Nantong City Overview", "Key Park Style" and "Zhang Jian Cup Retrospective Exhibition", which fully demonstrate Nantong's location advantages, policy advantages, industrial advantages and business environment advantages. The China Merchants Ecosystem attracts major projects at home and abroad.

Nantong is known as the "hometown of textiles" and is the birthplace of my country's modern textile industry. As the largest category in the Nantong textile industry and the most distinctive "urban business card", the Nantong home textile industry has developed into the largest home textile professional market in the country based on the Haimen Dieshiqiao market and the Tongzhou Zhihao market. At present, the Nantong international home textile market has more than 3,800 enterprises, more than 10,000 merchants, more than 400,000 employees, and its products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions. The foreign trade import and export volume exceeds 10 billion US dollars, and the online and offline market transactions exceed 220 billion yuan, accounting for half of the country's textile industry, textile exports ranked first in the province.

At present, Nantong proposes "four unifications" in the development of the home textile industry, and develops the existing textile market of Dieshiqiao and Zhihao in concert. On the scene of the Expo, Li Ling, Director of the Nantong Commerce Bureau, released the latest development plan of China Nantong International Home Textile Trade City. Nantong International Home Textiles Trading City will build a world-class home textile industry cluster as the core and build a "four centers and one new city". With a focus on improving the integration, specialization, wisdom and internationalization of the home textile market, the construction layout is reasonable, the functions are complete and the facilities are complete , Convenient transportation, advanced industry, beautiful ecology, comfortable life, industry-city integration demonstration area, new international exchange platform, promote the transformation of Nantong home textile market system mechanism. It is estimated that by 2025, China Nantong International Home Textile Trade City will integrate the International Exhibition Center, Home Textile Fashion Center, R&D Design Incubation Center, with complete functions such as culture, sports, commerce, international hospitals, international schools, and international communities. The industrial landmark of "injects surging kinetic energy into the higher end of Nantong's textile industry."

Nantong will also formulate a five-year plan for the development of high-end textile industry, grasp the development trend of "new industries, new technologies, new formats, and new models", focus on building a domestic high-end textile industry demonstration base, build a world-class home textile characteristic brand, and cultivate a batch of A well-known textile enterprise with international competitiveness; it will build a "community" that realizes its dreams, build a modern textile industrial park in Tongzhou Bay according to the idea of ​​"compensating, extending, and strengthening chains" to improve the local supporting capacity of the dyeing and finishing link. Hengke, Tongkun, Huafeng and other large projects, increase the research and development of functional new textile fabrics, widely use "Internet +" technology, actively introduce advanced textile machinery equipment at home and abroad, and guide enterprises to continue to the industrial chain, innovation chain, value chain High-end climbing.

Standing on the point where the Internet economy and the real economy are intermingled and vitalized, the Nantong Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have planted fertile ground for the healthy development of the home textile industry, actively grasping the pulse of the market, inspiring leading companies to upgrade the level of digitalization, and innovating a deep and integrated online and offline management model ; Encourage the construction of third-party e-commerce platforms and "WeChat + Live Broadcasting" new channels, focus on the "Nantong Home Textile E-commerce Professional Platform", promote the grafting and interaction of traditional enterprises and e-commerce industry, improve the efficiency of the industrial chain, and promote the home textile industry in an all-round way Keeping pace with the engine of the times, in the course of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the construction of "Strong, Rich, Beautiful and High" New Nantong, we strive to weave the splendid chapter of the "Hometown of Textiles".


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