How to distinguish true from false silk pajamas


How to distinguish true from false silk pajamas? Silk p […]

How to distinguish true from false silk pajamas? Silk pajamas are smooth and soft, and they feel silky smooth to wear.
First, let's take a look at the characteristics of silk fabrics:
The silk fabric has a soft and uniform luster, like a pearl luster; when it is squeezed and then released, it has good elasticity and no creases; it feels soft and elastic, has strong water absorption and has a handle feel; silk fibers will burn slowly when exposed to fire. There is no open flame, and it shrinks into a ball. When it burns, it emits a scorching smell. After burning, the silk gray becomes black particles.
How to distinguish true from false silk pajamas:
1. Observe the gloss
The luster of silk fabrics is soft and uniform, bright but not glaring. Although the luster of polyester yarn is uniform, there are flashes or shiny yarns. Although the luster of rayon fabric is bright, it is not soft. Nylon silk fabrics have poor luster, as if coated with a layer of wax.
2. Take a closer look at the crease
Because real silk has good elasticity, there will be no creases when the silk is squeezed tightly and then released. Although nylon silk fabrics can slowly return to their original shape, they also have creases, so don't be fooled by its false appearance. Rayon fabrics have obvious creases, and the creases are difficult to restore to their original shape.
3. Test fiber tension
Draw out a few fibers at the edge of the fabric and moisten them with water. If it breaks easily at the wetted place, it means rayon, otherwise it is a real silk product.
4. Feeling by hand
Silk fabrics have a handle feeling when they are touched by hand, while other chemical fiber products do not have this feeling. Cotton silk fabrics do not feel soft. Rayon fabric is smooth and soft, but not stiff.
5. Listen to the sound of friction
The outer surface of the silk is protected by sericin, so the real silk is abrasion-resistant, and the dry silk will make a sound when rubbed, so it is called "silk ming" or "silk ming", while other chemical fiber products appear silently.


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