Which silk fabric is good for skirts


Which silk fabric is good for skirts? The most common o […]

Which silk fabric is good for skirts? The most common ones are plain crepe satin, double crepe, georgette, etc., and then shuanggong and Shunyuqiao can also be used to make skirts.
If you like gorgeous and noble effects, then you definitely prefer plain crepe satin, smooth and bright satin, which fits the soft texture and gives people a luxurious and noble feeling. If you want a very fairy effect, George's light, elegant, is definitely the first choice for girls who like gauze skirts. As for crepe de chine, there is no smooth satin surface like plain crepe satin, nor is it as elegant as Georgette. It has its own characteristics, not charming or charming, and has a different flavor.
Then let's talk about Shuang Gong. This product is not very popular in China. It feels like a defective product, because there will be some "gongs" on its face, which is like it was broken when it was made. However, Shuang Gong is very popular abroad. It is not only used to make home textiles, but also the skirts made of it are very beautiful and have a certain sense of stiffness, but they are not too rough and give people a feeling of returning to nature.