What You Should Know About Polyester Spandex Stretch Fabric


If you are considering purchasing a piece of polyester […]

If you are considering purchasing a piece of polyester and spandex fabric, there are several things you should know before buying it. First, you should know that both materials have a very high stretching rate, which makes them an ideal choice for clothing. If you plan to use spandex in your garment, you must know how to dry it properly. After all, dry cleaning can cause your garment to shrink, which is not an ideal situation.

Another important quality to look for is the material. Polyester/Spandex stretch fabrics are made from four-way stretch fibers. This type of fabric is perfect for athletic apparel and works well with dye sublimation and printing. It is also extremely comfortable. If you are in the market for new fabric for your sports apparel, make sure to check out TVF's selection. Unlike many other fabrics, you can request special orders for your new piece.

During production, solid fibers of spandex are pushed out of a spinning cell. These fibers are then exposed to pressurized air, which twists them into strands of varying sizes. Once these strands are formed, the spandex fabric is immersed in a finishing agent, usually magnesium stearate. This finished material is then loaded onto a spool, ready for weaving into fabric.

To properly stretch polyester, start by stretching the upper side section. Continue the process until the bottom section is reached. With two hands, take the fabric and stretch it outward. Make sure to move over an inch, then repeat the process until the fabric has reached the desired length. This is essential to stretch the fabric, as the fabric will be more comfortable once it has a stretchy property. So, when choosing polyester, be sure to consider the size of your item before making a choice.