What is the difference between wool and silk


What is the difference between wool and silk? Which is […]

What is the difference between wool and silk? Which is warmer, wool or silk? In terms of chemical composition, wool and silk are both amino acids and animal proteins. Therefore, in general, both fabrics (fibers) are acid and alkali resistant, cannot be exposed to sunlight, and are soft and elastic. Wool is better for warmth.
The difference between wool and silk:
1. Different glossiness:
Silk fabrics are more lustrous than wool fabrics because silk is the lightest, softest and finest natural fiber in nature.
2. Different hygroscopicity:
The hygroscopicity of silk is 1.5 times that of pure cotton and 1.8 times that of wool, so silk fabrics can better maintain the balance of skin moisture, so there are only mulberry silk clothing on the market, mulberry silk quilts, and mulberry silk masks. for skin care and maintenance.
3. Different feel:
Wool fabrics have a fuller feel than silk fabrics.
4. Different uses:
Wool is used to make woolen, wool, blankets, felts and other textiles; while silk is used to weave various satins and knitwear, and is used in industries such as industry, national defense and medicine.