What fabric is good for sports underwear and how to choose sports underwear


What fabric is good for sports underwear? How to choose […]

What fabric is good for sports underwear? How to choose sports underwear? First of all, sports underwear can be divided into several categories. The first one is silk-based, and its touch is first-class, but the only disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. When cleaning, it must feel soft and wear silk underwear. Exercise must not be excessive, otherwise it will cause a burden on your chest.
The fabric material of sports underwear is cotton, and it is worn during regular exercise now. This kind of underwear has very good sweat absorption and breathability, but its warmth retention is also very strong. It may feel heavy when worn in summer. At this time, you can choose sports underwear made of cotton, linen and chemical fiber, so that the underwear can reduce the effect of warmth and further upgrade the investment.
The third type of material is nylon and spandex. Most of these two types of underwear are very strong, not easy to deform, and have very strong elasticity and shrinkage. They are very suitable for girls to wear when running and a lot of high-intensity sports. The sense of design that is good and made is very representative.




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