The difference between hemp and Yulu hemp fabrics


The difference between hemp and Yulu hemp fabrics, whic […]

The difference between hemp and Yulu hemp fabrics, which one is better? The hemp lineage is relatively pure and originated in China. According to records, it has been cultivated for more than 8,000 years. Hemp is used to make military uniforms because of its corrosion resistance, tear resistance and good antibacterial effect. Hemp and Yabo have the characteristics of fast moisture absorption, good air permeability and easy drying. Many people will ask whether flax is good or hemp is good. In terms of raw materials, this depends on its origin, variety, growth environment, etc.
And the processing technology is very important. Finishing and roughing will completely give different touch and use effects. Sometimes the raw materials will be destroyed during the processing. So it is hard to say. The current processing technology, the final product, you It is also difficult to tell what hemp he is. Either submit it for inspection or experience it slowly during long-term use. The skin will not deceive, and the effect will tell you whether it is good or bad.
Yulu hemp is a kind of flax. It grows in a cold and humid environment. The process of making Yulu hemp is to take the hemp fiber and the hemp fiber after the hemp and hemp stem are naturally decayed day after day after the natural rain. "Yuluma", another feature of Yuluma is that it is not dyed and keeps its original natural color, mostly rain and dew color. However, according to the different conditions of rain every year, each batch of fabrics will have more or less color differences. Yuluma is known as "natural fabric".