The difference between heavy silk, triacetate and milk silk


The difference between heavy silk, triacetate and milk […]

The difference between heavy silk, triacetate and milk silk, "heavy silk, luxurious temperament", "milk silk, silky texture", sounds better than one. Indeed, clothes are not only about the work and design, but also the fabrics. After all, it will determine the texture of the whole clothes.
Heavy silk
Now more and more Internet celebrity shop owners are selling heavy silk, especially as the weather turns warmer and spring clothes are in full swing this season.
A lot of clothes feel that as soon as "heavy silk" is added, the sense of luxury goes up, and the price also goes up.
So what is this fabric that sounds very advanced?
In fact, it is real silk (mulberry silk), but because it uses more materials, which is twice the amount of silk used for ordinary silk, it should be thicker to the touch. It can actually be a little hot to wear in summer.
The advantages of heavy silk are that it does not shrink, is crisp, easy to finish, and is not easy to scratch. Compared with other silks, it is a kind of fabric that is easy to take care of.
But it actually uses a lot of materials, and the price is really not low. Those "heavy silks" that can be bought on the Internet for two to three hundred, must not be true.
Triacetic acid
Many Internet celebrity shops that create a high-end feel like to use Japanese triacetic acid as a gimmick.
Because the gloss of triacetate is not much different from silk fabrics at first glance, and it feels very similar to the touch, so in front of people who don't understand the fabric, triacetate can pretend to be silk visually.
The fabric of triacetic acid is actually a semi-synthetic fiber made of natural wood pulp. Many businesses will write "Japanese triacetic acid", but the truth is that the raw material comes from Japan and the production is in China. It is true that the material is imported from Japan. It's very deceiving.
However, triacetic acid was not invented for the purpose of counterfeiting. This fabric looks like real silk, but is not easy to contaminate dust, has almost no static electricity, and is more moisture-absorbing and breathable than ordinary polyester fibers. Therefore, many dresses will choose this material, and it is usually used for some Lining for big-name clothing.
If you want to tell if the silk pajamas you bought on Taobao are genuine, just see if it can be thrown into the washing machine. The triacetate is anti-mold and mothproof. If it can be machine washed, it is 100% not silk.
Milk shreds
A fabric that sounds delicious.
The cost is not cheap, and it does have something to do with milk. It is the protein obtained by degreasing and dewatering liquid milk, plus softener to make milk slurry, and then adding chemical reagents to extract milk fiber through wet spinning process, and finally spun into light, soft and amino acid-rich milk silk .
This craft sounds very expensive. The real milk silk is tender and smooth, has good gloss, and has better skin-friendliness than cashmere, and at the same time has the characteristics of high air permeability, high abrasion resistance and anti-pilling.
There are dozens of pieces of underwear on Taobao, and you can tell the truth at a glance.
These fabrics are basically made of cheap polyester + spandex blends. They feel smooth and cool, but they are not breathable and sweat-absorbent when worn on the body.


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